Anybody who knows sound, who knows music, who knows audio and knows live concerts knows the importance of druids to modern rock and roll. Be it their role in creating the Stonehenge monuments in England or their much more unsung role in creating some of the best audiophile products of all time.

Watch to see what we mean when it comes to the all-important band of Spinal Tap. They knew the importance of druids all along. They took serious offense to people making fun of druids because druids are not funny - they are musically important.

The Role of Druids in the hobby/business of Audiophilia

Little has been said about the historical ties of druids and the development of audiophile products from England but there is a long standing philosophy that suggests that without the magical, mysterious creativity from the ancient druids that today's audiophile scene in England would not be what it is today. No Quad ESL 63 electrostatic loudspeakers. No Naim Nait integrated amp. No Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond speakers. No Meridian 861 AV preamp. No Linn LP12 turntable. No Pro-ac speakers. No Acoustic Energy speakers. No Harbreth speakers. None of it. They all in some way or another have ties back to druids, the work of druids and the magic of druids.

Think we are kidding. We are not. Did you think Nigel and the guys in Spinal Tap were kidding? They were not, clearly.

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